is a team of global coaches dedicated to easing strategic transitions.
We work with leaders, teams and organizations inspiring self-awareness, creativity and courage in order to imagine, embody and lead change.


In today’s fast-moving, competitive, turbulent global context, the pace and complexity of change require a systemic, agile and geographically spread approach: this is what we deliver to our clients.

Clients describe us as kind provokers: our trust in them enables us to truly listen to their needs and to co-create a path based on transparency, frankness and openness. This space of trust allow our clients to take creative and courageous actions towards transformation.

We believe that everything is interconnected, as seen in philosophy, physics, psychology, religions, and the arts. Understanding these interconnections and working on one’s impact on the system enables our clients to become agents of transformation in their teams, organizations and communities.


We work in partnership with our clients: clients are expert in their professional field; coaches are expert in the process of transition and co-creation. Together we co-imagine new possible futures and we co-develop pathways to make it happen.

Ever aware of how valuable time is to our clients, we favor light yet efficient coaching interventions, suggesting only those actions we consider essential to move forward.

  • Strategic thinking and implementation of strategic goals
  • Facilitation of executive committees and boards of directors
  • Leadership for innovation
  • Alignment among values, strategies, actions and behaviors
  • Influencing skills and effective communication
  • Global leadership
  • Career management, career development, succession planning and on-boarding

  • Team launch: co-creation of a shared vision, mission and rules of engagement
  • Strategies & actions for complex organizational change
  • Succeeding in intercultural and global contexts
  • Team motivation, performance and business acumen
  • Building a culture of feedback, listening and continuous learning

  • Design thinking and Creative Problem Solving
  • Brainstorming and Innovation Kick Offs
  • Hackathon facilitation
  • Facilitation of decision making processes for disruptive environments
  • Stakeholder implication


All our facilitators are highly experienced coaches with strong international and business background.

Once in contact with a client, we jointly respond to its challenges. This collaboration, both in the diagnostic phase and in the delivery, enhances our understanding of the clients’ needs and the impact of our interventions.

Besides, the on-going collaborations among coaches fertilize the continuous learning and innovation of the whole network, creating the conditions for increased alignment and enhanced quality.

Edoardo Ghignone
Den Haag, Netherlands
Paris, France
Bruno Boussuge
Paris, France
Alessandra Marazzi
Bankgok, Thailand
Faouzi Khatir
Paris, France
Anna Gallotti
New York, USA
Fransje Van Bergen
Paris, France
Allie Middleton
New York, USA
Helen Burgess
Rome, Italy
Andra Morosi
Paris, France
Marianna Amy Crestani
Turin, Italy
Branko Broekman
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Julie Johnson
Hilversum, Netherlands
Annalisa Angelini 
Milan, Italy


Our global portfolio includes organisations such as Enel, Luis Vuitton, LinkedIn, Luxottica, Edison, Fca Bank, CPW, Repubblique Francaise, Fondazione CRT, Transdev, Scape Architects, Seloger.com, CNRS, VMZinc, The Italian Chamber of Commerce of Canada, Istituto Marangoni, Sciences-po Avenir, SNCF.

We have also acted as third party supplier for organizations such as GE, Kiabi, P&GComau, Groupe Bel, CNHI, Snam, Coesia, Umicore.


Our international team of coaches inspire strategic and creative leadership in people, teams and organizations in order to imagine and lead changes.

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