All our facilitators are highly experienced coaches with strong international and business background.

Once in contact with a client, we jointly respond to its challenges. This collaboration, both in the diagnostic phase and in the delivery, enhances our understanding of the clients’ needs and the impact of our interventions.

Besides, the on-going collaborations among coaches fertilize the continuous learning and innovation of the whole network, creating the conditions for increased alignment and enhanced quality.

Edoardo Ghignone
Den Haag, Netherlands
Paris, France
Bruno Boussuge
Paris, France
Alessandra Marazzi
Bankgok, Thailand
Faouzi Khatir
Paris, France
Anna Gallotti
New York, USA
Fransje Van Bergen
Paris, France
Allie Middleton
New York, USA
Helen Burgess
Rome, Italy
Andra Morosi
Paris, France
Marianna Amy Crestani
Turin, Italy
Branko Broekman
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Julie Johnson
Hilversum, Netherlands
Annalisa Angelini 
Milan, Italy